Advantages of Using Refillable Cartridges

More or less 85% of printer cartridges are discarded after just one use. That totals to over 350 million empty cartridges ending up in landfills every year — more than one per second! Refilling cartridges saves energy and decreases pollution. By reusing and refilling your inkjet cartridges, you can help rescue the world while saving money.



Advantages of using refillable cartridges: Economically

The foremost benefit of using a refill kit is the claimed cost savings. The price charged by printer manufacturers for brand name ink cartridge is beyond belief. A single alternative cartridge can easily cost more than $50 depending on the kind of printer you have in your home or office. Refilled ink cartridges cost a small part of that price. Remanufactured ink cartridges rate about a third of the price of latest versions. Wholesale suppliers of refilled ink cartridges offer additional savings. This can be a possible solution to offices that carry out a large number of print jobs. Using refills is undoubtedly a much more cost-effective choice than getting a new cartridge. This is because you are just buying the ink for the cartridge from your neighbourhood store and not the whole cartridge set. In general it leads to a saving of nearly 50-60% as against going for a new cartridge and is an immense way to reduce cost. Over a period of months, the savings on the active expenses can be very high.



Advantages of using refillable cartridges: Convenience

A solid advantage to using a kit is convenience. You can run out of ink and in just a few minutes, you have the inkjet cartridge back in service again.


Advantages of using refillable cartridges: Environmentally

In current times, a lot of emphasis is laid on environment friendly know-how. An efficient step in this direction is using refills. By using refills, you can be sure that you are working towards a cleaner and greener ecosystem. Refilling is thus a highly beneficial method in recycling that is effectively used in waste management practices. By recycling printer cartridges, we save natural resources and energy by reducing the need for virgin materials. Up to 95 percent of the materials that make up a printer cartridge can be recycled or reused if taken care of. Printer cartridges can in intense cases be refilled up to 15 times before reaching the end of their life most though averaging between 4-6 refills. For reused/remanufacturing cartridges the oil overheads expenses is reduced to zero.

– It decreases air and water pollution/emissions associated with landfilling, burning or the manufacturing of new cartridges.

– It preserves our natural resources such as timber, water, oil/petroleum and minerals because it lessens the need for raw materials.

– It helps save energy.

– It lessens emissions of greenhouse gases that add to global climate change.

– It helps us preserve the environment for future generations.


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